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  1. Wow so many updates, buddy. That's so awesome! I like it how you put text on each tile. It's like a robot is playing the game. It wouldn't know what's a wood if it didn't say wood and it wouldn't know what's a chest if it didn't say chest. XD
  2. Yep! ^^ I'm glad there's a Catholic girl around here. Prepare to be huggled and snuggled just like the rest of my furry buddies! Muhahahaha! X3 *noogies Yinepu* The key feature of the Christian furry fandom is that we can all share affection in fellowship and not in the overrated romance and youknowwhat which is too enforced by today's media. This is a place where we can all be cute and pure at the same time.
  3. Wow XD maze turtles. What a great idea for a videogame.
  4. Bump! Does someone do conlanging? I'd like some help with that.
  5. Ah okay. Did you make it or did Blackstone make it? And is that a reference sheet of your fursona or of Blackstone's fursona? If there is, I'd like to see your furrified fursona's reference sheet so that I can know how fluffy and cuddly you are X3 hehehe, before I have such an RP with you
  6. Wait, what exactly is that? And where's that reference sheet?
  7. I don't understand what you mean by affectionately. But anyways, I don't know why we all furries like transformation and shapeshifting in some way; why some of us like certain body-oriented things like inflation, flattening, immobilization; why we all think alike so much; and yet, against all odds, we're still affectionate and friendly and together.
  8. Very good! I like that! A lot of things of furry psychology and quirks are common, but undocumented and unreported.
  9. I have had characters that were my own coping mechanisms. I'm glad someone does it too.
  10. Wow! You did well! I like it! It's so funny how all tiles have text in case the player doesn't know what they resemble XD heheh. It's a good pun. I remember when I made a SMB3 hack and put "LAVA" text over lava XD Also, sorry that I didn't comment it. CF server had problems whenever I'd post my message. It just hated my messages. So, I basically forgot about your topic all until I went to this subforum.
  11. BIG BRO!!! Oh this stupid forum or error or whatever! How didn't I see this!? I look into "Recent Topics" box, but it seems that your topic has been overflown by others!! Oh my I'm so sorry! Thank you for posting this. This is so deep.... so epic.... by epic, I mean like I'm watching a movie... A trailer... Oh my... *reads* "Not man, nor animal" Wow... "Nor even angel" Oh my... I thought at least angel. *reads on* "But a creation of Justice". God... This has got to be divine... It's so.... Awesome! Wonderful! Magnificient! Great! How can I possibly say "veliÄanstveno"!? And also, it's just so sad to see how Cobalt is dead... After all of that. Unbeatable and still beaten... I have no idea what I would do in that story if that would happen. But it has a point. Being there furrified and leaving the world without anything. It just makes me want to use the time machine and fix this. But still, it's a fate of everyone. You're so much better than me in this art. You've shown what's really inside of you. If I was to show what's inside of me, it would be too hysterical and hillarious to be taken seriously, even though it's serious kinda like what you've shown. I can hardly put my thoughts into pictures. I'm too hyperactive to do that. But you're awesome. *hugs my big bro Cobalt*
  12. How will God lead if there's no one to go on His behalf? Not for me to answer. I'm not here to preach. I just know that He finds the one who should do it and then that one should do it. And just because someone doesn't want to go, why should I go? I've been and I couldn't succeed! By the way, God gave me presents for Christmas: a friend is very Christian, some friends in the choir, positive girls in the choir, a development board, a friend who's a furry and a girl and likes paws, peace to get away from this depression, web development books, a game development book for platformer games in C++ using SDL2, a professional composer in music school admires my talent and my efforts in what I've done so far regarding composing music and helps me. I suppose I'm meant to build some friendships, maintain my peace, use God's talents, study what He has given to me to study.
  13. My attempts to make non-Christian or luke-warm Christian friends were catastrophic. Full of "fine" people, emotional parasites, tempters, stressers, etc.. I just cannot. I am not meant to be or ready to be a direct preacher. I've got this horrible depression and barely got out and ohhh no way am I going to get back into what I was before. I'll take a break and be with my Christian friends. Speaking of non-Christians, I sometimes pray for them that God leads them. That's the only thing I can do. I have to focus on working with my talents that God gave me.
  14. It was definitely not working for me. Anyways, God has blessed me with so many gifts like friends and peace and destroyed my depression and I'm much better!
  15. It's been down to me all until now. Merry Christmas!
  16. I'm always so thankful for having Cobalt. I'm thankful to him and God.
  17. My friends love. Cobalt is my best friend! ^~^
  18. Thanks, big bro. I needed that. Anyways, I see you made two videos with the same video tool. What kind of program is it?
  19. I've felt the same way today. What saved me was prayer. God is my best friend. He mercifully forgives and saves repentant hearts that weep in sorrow, thirst for the Spirit and hate sin with burning desire to get rid of it. He knows me and my intentions perfectly when all judges and those who aren't entitled to judge judge me unrighteously because of their selfish, prideful and greedy atheism. Because of my depression in thinking that God might not forgive for some reason led me to think that God isn't the God from the Bible, but somewhere else and started thinking that He might be an otter or a penguin or something cute, gorgeous and cuddly. My brain and heart were broken. I've had horrible dreams that were blasphemous and turned my context of moral settings all around to make me think I'm evil and impure. PM me if you want to find out what they were. I might however tell you if I feel bad about it or have the need to say it. In the end, God knew my genuine thirst for His Spirit. He saw it and He saved me. He's awesome. He has restored my settings back to normal.
  20. *hugs Blackstone* You're a nice buddy. I seek unity in everything, but I shall never deny what I've learned through godly experiences of Jesus talking to me. That's my basis. I, therefore, seek unity by seeking similarity in difference between denominations.
  21. Act of Contrition for non-Catholics Very good! This is unity! The seeking to be together once more. I pray like this when I fail so bad. God hears those who are broken by sin, lost by selfishness and humile in heart.
  22. This is what I should say to my emo friends that suck out my life with their fake smiles, being fine and breaking down while putting God and me into a box where we cannot help them, and that tell me "What kind of a friend are you?" while being hypocrites who won't give at least the fruit of helpseeking.
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