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    JosiahtheTiger reacted to Cobalt-Lukather in Just a few drawings   
    A look into my backstory through some older drawings:
    Cobalt is a man-made creation who goes to set the world straight.

    a creation who will never back down.

    even at the brink of death:

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    JosiahtheTiger reacted to cjesseg in Let's crowdfund for a new clean Christian friendly furry Minecraft server!   
    How can there be yiff in Minecraft though? It's just a game of blocks
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    JosiahtheTiger got a reaction from Penter in Josiah's Music Thread :3   
    yeah. i patched the song up kind of... except the mastering. this song was very difficult to "master". but enjoy. way better than the first version imo.
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    JosiahtheTiger got a reaction from Almondjoi in *Churr* Hello!   
    can i add you on facebook?
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    JosiahtheTiger got a reaction from Joshua Reynard in music instrument voice vocal   
    bro. You just gotta dig into it. Books on theory will help, but until you actually are learning off an instrument, you won't really get anywhere. The best learning books out there are books and exercises honestly.
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    JosiahtheTiger reacted to Thomas, Maltuin in Ambigrams!!!   
    I need to generate some cash flow, I've decided to try and do these for moneh.
    I am going to finish my free list here first though
    When I get ready to take commissions, I'll post an update here with details for anyone interested.
    1. Cody Lucario [[FINISHED]]
    2. Turag/Foxcat [[FINISHED]]
    3. Josiah Tiger
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    JosiahtheTiger reacted to NarnianKnight in God, may you give me the words i need. Protect my friends from evil.   
    God, Our FATHER in Heaven, please give me the words to pray, I want to be good, but only through you your son are we made good.
    Teach us your ways Father, and give us the strength, courage, and words to tell others about your son Christ who we call.
    Give us the wisdom to learn and teach those who have accepted your forgiveness how to follow your commands in a loving way, and keep us from evil.
    I love Yahweh, Jesus save us from our sins and protect us from harm, both physical and spiritual, which you do not need us to have in our lives. THANK YOU JESUS! I love you, in your name yehshua i praise- we praise thee amen!

    Protect my friends from evils we do not understand. And Yes Jesus, I ask you take control of the situation when demons and men want to try to take things away from us.

    (to others, please pray for me, I'm struggling with something, and pray for my friend too)
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    JosiahtheTiger reacted to Ember in Sharing Art of all kinds   
    This is an image that I created to show the stages of life of a furry by using my fursona as a model.

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    JosiahtheTiger reacted to BJbear2001 in All Mixed Up Inside   
    I'm writing to ask for some prayer for comfort, spiritual encouragement, joy, and love.
    Every once in a while, I will see something so astounding that it fills me with a false joy. This false joy can be so strong that a bounce back to reality feels more like falling of a clif and bouncing off a boulder(been there literally). I'm a huge fan of the Vocaloids and off shoots. This morning, I was looking around for vids that featured the Miku Miku Dance rigs, songs, and great dances. Instead, I ventured off to see what Miku(a vocaloid member) did to open for a concert for Lady Gaga. One great vid of live performances by Vocaloid after another and then I came to a capture of the 2013 Niconico Party Cho. A half hour of goose bumps and heart throbs later, I sooo wished that I could've experienced something so epic as that concert party that it was massively depressing to realize where I am now... Sitting at a computer, before my work shift begins.
    That land of 3D figures, heart throb singing, moving speaker sounds, crowds with light sticks... it's nowhere near my reality. And it hurts so much. I know that there will be better in Heaven, but I can't imagine that there will be Niconico concerts singing of human experiences.  I know that it will be more like a great Third Day worship concert... but I can't get Miku out of my heart right now where God belongs.
    Please pray anything for me. My heart is in a lot of turmoil. Thanks and Jah bless!
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    JosiahtheTiger reacted to Byakko in Byakko Intro   
    yeah, theres alot of that. annoys the crap outa me, cuase it makes me look stupid.... honestly, my personal belief is that we are dealing with hundreds of conspiracies. kinda one of those "death by 1000s of cuts." so its hard to identify the real enemy, besides Satan. 
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    JosiahtheTiger reacted to Ember in Sharing Art of all kinds   
    Here is an updated picture

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    JosiahtheTiger reacted to r2packey rat in Hey All   
    Thank You all for the warm welcome. It is a pleasure to be associated with folks with the same interests and values.  
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    JosiahtheTiger reacted to Ember in Sharing Art of all kinds   
    Another pic of me having conversation back in time.

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    JosiahtheTiger reacted to Ember in Sharing Art of all kinds   
    Here is a more accurate version of me as Ember (with all my extra pounds).

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    JosiahtheTiger reacted to Rygeku Of Bayamon in Jesus, Lion of Judah   
    The pic itself doesn't belong to me, but I edit to make it look as it is written, because our best daddy in Heaven had an hair and beard as white as wool and snow, Which is an awesome thing to know,anyway,I wanted you guys to show some good amount of love for our loving Father Yeshua Messiah.
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    JosiahtheTiger reacted to Rygeku Of Bayamon in Rygeku Of Bayamon   
    My character, Rygeku Of Bayamon, Son Of Yahweh, Knight Of Man
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    JosiahtheTiger reacted to TheCamoWolf in I made a short animatic   
    It stars some characters of mine called the Army Cubes.
    Hope you enjoy.
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    JosiahtheTiger got a reaction from Joshua Reynard in straight pride parade   
    i think it's a funny idea; however, i think taking pride in sexuality is inherently stupid and shouldn't have ever been a thing in the first place. not dissin' on anyone, but taking pride in how one partakes in a sex act is asinine. whenever i hear about gay pride, i go "NECROPHILIAC PRIDE!!!!" it usually does the job heh
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    JosiahtheTiger got a reaction from Sahleh in This belongs here   
    i wish i could draw. that's narlz bro.the last one looks minds me of Thomas Maltuin with antlers hehehe muahaha!
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    JosiahtheTiger got a reaction from SleepySchizo in Facepainting Fun   
    dang. that's really good face painting. My best artist friend face paints, but not nearly as good as you
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    JosiahtheTiger reacted to Ember in Sharing Art of all kinds   
    A new addition to my art collection. Sorry for not posting much but i have been busy.

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    JosiahtheTiger reacted to TheCamoWolf in I made some music   
    I made some music with royalty free loops that I might use for my cartoons. Just Wanted to share it with you guys.
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    JosiahtheTiger reacted to foxbunny in straight pride parade   
    I think of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednago when all the people were worshiping Nebuchadnezzar's gilded statue. They didn't demand that all these non-Jews should act like Jews. Instead, they insisted that they were going to act like Jews should rather than like non-Jews did.
    Really, it appears to me that what is being suggested in this thread is for Christians to do what non-christians are doing (having a parade to celebrate sexuality) with the reason that the non-christian's aren't behaving like Christians should.
    Maybe I'm missing something, but that's what it looks like to me.
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    JosiahtheTiger reacted to Ember in Fursuit: ask and answer   
    you can see here my ears and tail have been done. and i am wearing my "trademarked" sweater. i still have not made the paws yet due to lack of time and resources. and i will be sketching up some plans for the fursuit head.
    the ears are magnetic so i can wear them with anything and the tail is attached to my belt. both are made of yarn.
    while i am at it I'll introduce the tigers in my picture, (14 year old Tigger in my arms and 5 year old Matt the mat)
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    JosiahtheTiger reacted to Ohyoupokedmr in Music VS Poetry   
    a lot of today's music to be more focused on sounding good... Made to appeal, or tell stories. While that's good and all, I find that most, if not all of mainstream music, isn't poetry anymore.
    Poetry is something that takes and requires thought, both by the maker and by the listener. Poetry isn't afraid to use words that the viewers don't understand yet, because poetry is meant to sound professional and... Well... Poetic.
    Music, although is supposed to be a sub-form of poetry, now days doesn't apply by these standards. Common, even taboo swear words, are used to formulate songs for the sake of sounding good. They are so focused on making about their "feelings and experiences" that they lose track on what makes poetry. Without standards of art, we lose track of what is good art and bad art. If the lyrics is bad or of poor taste, we ignore the lyrics and just listen to the music, not the words or the message; that should NEVER happen if it is good poetry. Sad thing is, nobody cares if the music is trying to tell them things that is against their values (many Christians are okay with music that have morally bad lyrics). When will we begin to appreciate songs for their poetic value only rather than what is good for our ear buds?
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