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  1. To start things off: A pink husky commission! This is for a guy that actually lives quite close to me in NJ. The order also came with hands, feet, and a tail which are done but I didn't include those pictures- the head is usually the most interesting part anyways. Pink and white poof ball. Minimal shaving at this point and nothing is glued down or attached yet. Shelf in the background is loaded with more of my art/craft supplies. Looking much better after a nice shave, glued down; finished eyes and mouth details. Final touches: attaching the "hair" and industrial. It was my first time making the earring, came out quite nicely I think!
  2. Been awhile! I've got a couple more pieces to share with everyone- these were two trades that I did a couple months ago
  3. Welcome to CF, looking forward to seeing you around! (:
  4. Updating with two recent pieces I did- my style varies a lot depending on what I feel like doing XD First up, a speed paint. I ride horses so I had to paint something related to them finally Next, something more toony...maybe more recognizable as my "normal" style. This was my first cell-shaded piece in almost 6-7 months? It's been awhile lol
  5. I build suits too! It looks awesome so far- I like the stylistic choices you made with this. I usually work with foam and balaclava, no resin yet so seeing stuff like this is totally inspirational (: Can't wait to see more!
  6. Fun painting I finished a couple nights ago as a trade with someone on FA. Yes it's another bird, I promise my next piece will be something different (;
  7. Thanks so much Lone! I'm glad to be here too (:
  8. Thanks for the comment BJ! The pictures I used for reference had birds craning their necks to look behind them so the more rigid feathers in that area sort of stick out a bit more than the body haha I wanted to focus on a portrait but my next painting is a full body with more background :3
  9. Thanks so much Dimitri and BJ! And XarZyth, wow I'm honored and really appreciate your support of my work Looking forward to getting to know you all better (:
  10. Yay, I'm glad we finally get to see the rest of the image for your icon (; I love the cell shading in this
  11. Thanks so much Rythe! And Chakram, I've been doodling since high school so have been drawing for a few years now. I experimented with a lot different approaches to digital painting and only just found something that worked for me haha it's slow going but rewarding when you finally "discover" that technique (:
  12. Digital painting I did last night to decompress after an intense week. Tried a new painting approach and I think I like it so far :3
  13. Thanks so much everyone, I'll definitely be posting more- I've got a fursuit on the way next! And Chakram: I used Sai for everything and a little bit of Photoshop for finshing (:
  14. If you'd like I can help with some redline-ing when I get home from work later tonight! I don't think my wiggly lines from a mouse in MS paint will be too useful to anyone
  15. To start things off...a commission I did this week for a friend (:
  16. Thanks so much for the warm welcome everyone, I'm hoping to get plugged into a bible study soon and get to know more people. I'm working my way through the bibleinayear program and it'd be great to find someone to chat about daily readings with- hope it's not too audacious to ask but would anyone like to be devotational discussion partner(s) with me? (: Rythe- Thank you! I like your icon as well :3
  17. Real name: Grace Other names: “NightFell” or “Fell” About your fursona: She’s a gray wolf, small in size with a lithe build. Laid back, optimistic, and determined personality. Her most distinctive features are her stripes and two blue markings on her face. She always wears either a collar or bandana around her neck. Her biggest dream is to fly- she dreams of flight but has no wings in her earthly state. Age: 24 Gender: Female Location: Hanover, NJ…but might moving to Texas in the next few months (work-related) Email: [email protected] IM: flightmote (Skype); nightfell (Steam)- feel free to add me Web site(s): http://www.furaffinity.net/user/nightfell/ Artist/Writer: Artist and fursuit maker Style: G-rated only; Digital and traditional medium- Toony, sometimes realism Been to any cons: Yup (AC, TFF, FC, MFF, FA:U, FtM...so far) Fav. music: Everything really- popular, contemporary Christian, classic rock, orchestra, soundtrack Likes: Art, drawing, horseback riding, frozen yogurt, movies, video games, hanging out with close friends Dislikes: Annoying noises? Church Denomination: Nondenominational Anything else: Nothing I can think of right now but I'm excited to find a place to fellowship with other Christian furs- it's sometimes hard meeting people that share a simliar faith (:
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