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  1. Lupus Wolfington

    A curious atheist.

    Greetings from CF's resident werewolf. If you have any questions about Therianthropy, just ask. Anyways, I'd love to discuss topics with you.
  2. Lupus Wolfington

    I am Faust.

    Actually I brought him here. He is an old friend. Glad to see he joined.
  3. Lupus Wolfington

    Hi from a big teddy bear

    A werewolf will meow at you. Meow Welcome to the forums, human.
  4. Lupus Wolfington

    I am a Human Christian seeking to meet with Furries

    Its a human! Hurry, hide the dog treats! Anywhoo, I'm a werewolf, non-physically, of course. Welcome, Human.
  5. Lupus Wolfington

    I feel like I should reintroduce myself.

    Greetings from a werewolf (Non-physically, of course) PM me if you want to know what its like. Welcome to the forums.
  6. Lupus Wolfington

    Hello, guys!

    Yay, another wolf! Welcom to one of the few Christian Furry forums. We have quite a few wolves here and atleast two wolf therians.
  7. Lupus Wolfington


    I just now got it updated, sooo I can use it now. I'm TherianDarkWolf. Any good free game suggestions for it?
  8. Lupus Wolfington

    Some of you may know me...

    Greetings from a Dire wolf Therian. Wanna know what a Therian is? Ask me.
  9. Lupus Wolfington

    Le Introduction

    Welcome from one of the few Therianthropes around here. And one the few Pentecostal/Apostolic people here too. Just a warning, don't go looking up stuff on e621 without being careful if you don't want to be tempted. They did try to make a clean version once though. e9-something-something. Oh, btw they're named after flavorings. e621=MSG e9??(e921 I think)=Aspartame Anyways, just be careful on there. Its just not exactly a site I'd recommend visiting. Anyways, PM me if you want to know more about Therianthropy. Always willing to teach about it.
  10. Lupus Wolfington

    What is your Theme Song?

    Therianthropy by SepticFlesh ,Uprising by Muse, Animal by Ani DiFranco, Monster by Skillet, Animal I have Become by Three Days Grace. All of these fit me pretty well. Search them on Youtube, especially the top one, they're pretty cool.
  11. Lupus Wolfington

    hi there yall ^^

    Good for finding the occasional Therian too. In your terms, thats were(insert animal here) And no, we can't shape-shift(As far as I know) Anyways, welcome.
  12. Lupus Wolfington

    Haro, there!

    Be careful, Carter. We don't want her to lose an arm.
  13. Lupus Wolfington

    Haro, there!

    Hey, I'm a werewolf, in real-life. No, sadly, we don't shapeshift. We go by the names Therianthrope, Therian, or were(insert animal here) Now, I'm sure your family would call me a Satanist, and a psycho. Why? Half-animal people aren't widely accepted in America. Wanna learn more? PM Tyger and I. I want to recommend you to a song, "Therianthropy" by SepticFlesh. Its metal. Its (somewhat) about Therians. Another thing. I enjoy blood and gore too. I love Doom 3 and Halo 1-3. Its fun shooting zombies. No offense? (Because you're a zombie.)
  14. Lupus Wolfington


    I used to think that too, James. But then I discovered myself.
  15. Lupus Wolfington

    Good day

    Atleast its not the Therian community, where 30-70% of all Therians claim to be wolves. Of course, I'm okay with lots of wolf brothers and sisters. Anyways, welcome from a werewolf.