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  1. Runes of Magic. It's a really good online game.
  2. Oh that sounds like a great idea! I love that song btw ~_^
  3. Right now the song Final Countdown by Europe is running around in my head.
  4. Ginga


    I just got my xbox about a month ago and I only have halo ODST. But FF13 will be my next buy. Oh and my favorite FF characters are Vincent Valentine and Genesis. I can't really pick between them, so they both are my favorites.
  5. welcome to christianfurs. i am sorta of a writer and drawer myself. im actualy helping a friend of mine create a game and an anime show. and im also working on my own project. (can't really do much without the right equiptment)
  6. Thanks every one. Iam glad to be here ^.^ btw it was Wolfin who showed me this site. *shakes wolfins paw* thank you wolfin.
  7. I new here and I found this place from a friend. I love to meet new people. so id like to get to know all of you. I am a male fox that knows how to have fun and is not to shy to show it. And iam glad to be here to meet peopl just like me ^.^ well....thats about it.
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