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    Rythe got a reaction from JollyRancher in Homecoming (Luke Chapter 15)   
    The story of God and humanity.

    Homecoming - Luke Chapter 15
    Sermon by Erwin McManus, Mosaic Church
    Streaming Link and Direct File Link
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    Rythe got a reaction from r2packey rat in A Place Called Home (Ruth Chapters 1 - 4)   
    Well, I should have done this a week or three ago. It was something I badly needed to hear when I first heard it.

    A Place Called Home - Ruth Chapters 1 - 4

    Sermon by Erwin McManus, Mosaic Church.
    Streaming Link and Direct File Link
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    Rythe got a reaction from Penter in Original Songs/Music   
    You certainly have some talent for it. As a bit of a warning, I know just enough about talking music to be dangerous. Mixing is more my bag, so I had to try really hard to ignore the quality of the sound fonts/instruments you were using.

    Eerie2 has a nice melody line. The bass line was more of a distraction, kinda like it was trying to play counterpoint, but it didn't quite work.

    Theme1 offended those mixing sensibilities most because the tones of the instruments you used stepped all over each other. It really made the soundscape seem cluttered, like you were trying to put too many notes into too confined a space. Got better as the song progressed with the stretches where there were fewer instruments playing, but even then, the instruments meshed well only rarely.
    Piano1ChronoTrigger has potential, mostly starting after you remove that 8-bit organ-y instrument completely. That instrument sounds terrible to begin with, but especially when juxtaposed against the higher quality instruments you were using otherwise.  The organ line also highlights one of your big weakness that most young composers seem to struggle with - you haven't yet grasped how to use negative space well, that is, pauses and parts where certain or most or all instruments stop playing to emphasis something else. Sometimes it's about which frequency ranges you aren't using too, not necessarily all about what instruments you're using when, and the frequency footprint on that organ was the bigger piece of my problem with it, due in part to the volume being too high for it among all my other issues. But I digress. Negative space is really important in music in general, and the organ part just destroyed your negative space completely in this arrangement.
    Still, a good showing for your first songs! Keep it up.
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    Rythe got a reaction from Thomas, Maltuin in This I Confess   
    Couple days ago, I was standing behind an older Asian lady in Target's checkout line and simply watched as she bought clothes on the cheap with wads of ones. I knew I should have bought the shirt she couldn't for her, I knew that feeling was you, but I hemmed, hawed, and hesitated in my mind.
    I let myself waffle against the vague sense I had of my finances after losing internet made it harder for me to keep up on them, against my nervousness over having to pay for a replacement vehicle, and against my shyness. I mean, if it had really mattered, I could have forgone the anxiety binge purchase I was making then.
    I let the moment pass over less than silly excuses, sad nothings really, and now I don't know what plans of yours I screwed up because I botched that crossroad in time.
    I should have trusted you, I should have had faith. Thinking about it, I could even have been clever by returning her thanks with 'God blesses you' and left it at that.
    But no, I froze on the inside instead.
    This I confess.
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    Rythe got a reaction from Kail in We Are Still Human   
    Heartfelt and wonderful.

    But someday, Cody, I hope you can let go of the people and incidents that make you think and feel this way.  US civilians certainly don't all stand on the other side of divide you see in your mind's eye. And even for those who do, it's doing yourself no favors to internalize it like this.
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