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    Direlda got a reaction from Rikku in Rather late than never: My character Tycho Aussie   
    That's awesome! ^^ I'm glad you have such a wonderful opportunity like that. May God continue to bless other people through your fursuiting.
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    Direlda got a reaction from SleepySchizo in CF Collaborative Story   
    Well, if you want to get stronger as a writer then this would be a good opportunity to do so. Writing requires discipline. And what better way to become more disciplined than having others who will keep each other accountable for whatever goals are set. Even I could do with some improvement on how often I write. Furthermore, we can help each other improve our writing skills. I have a variety of resources for teaching creative writing and the others probably have some tips. And you might have some insights that we could benefit from.
    But, if you don't want to participate, then we understand. Doing a collaboration, even if for fun, imposes deadlines that are harder to put off because you are working with others, which can add extra stress to the process.
    Blessings on your fursuit endeavors!
    So timezones are going to be an issue, as 6pm Central European Time is 9am Pacific Standard Time is 12pm Eastern Standard Time. To include you in a brainstorming session we would have to make sure we pick a day when you are free in the evening and the people in the US are free in the morning/afternoon. We might have to have you give input beforehand and then pass on what we talked about afterwards.
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    Direlda reacted to foxbunny in Conlanging!   
    I've played with it a bit. Usually it was a way to dig into a different way of thinking for alien characters.
    Language is cultural and physical, so I would come up with concepts that had to do with what was important to the characters' cultures and fit with their physical abilities. Big rodent teeth or a long muzzle would affect how sounds are pronounced.
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    Direlda got a reaction from SleepySchizo in Video Games as a Storytelling Medium   
    Have you ever read After Action Reports (AARs) for games like Crusader Kings II or Total War: Shogun 2? Not every AAR writer is good at conveying a story, but there are those who are able to take their actions and everything the AI does and weave it into a story. I would imagine that creating an AAR for Minecraft wouldn't be too much different from creating one from any of Paradox's or Creative Assembly's strategy titles.
    And the author in a sandbox game would be filled jointly by the player and by the game. For instance, some friends and I have started a new Minecraft server using the Dark Trilogy modpack. And something that happened early on was that two of them got sucked into a the same hungry node multiple times. Their choices and lack of knowledge led them to fall victim to the hungry node over and over again, but had the game not spawned a hungry node near a location we decided was worth building in then they might not have died seven plus times.
    Indeed! Reader-response is a valid form of literary criticism because different readers bring to stories different things. My experience of reading The Lord of the Rings will be different from your experience. And my experience of reading it will change over the years.
    A truly co-created video game experience might look like Minecraft or Crusader Kings II. Because those games give you a framework--give you the setting and the various rules to follow--while leaving you open to chart whatever path within that framework you want. And the games will throw in plot complications such as a creeper surprising you and destroying part of your base or another lord declaring war on you while you are in the midst of a different war.
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    Direlda reacted to foxbunny in Video Games as a Storytelling Medium   
    All stories are a dual act of creation: The author creates the story in the telling and the audience re-creates the story in the consumption. That's why literary analysis is so much fun--it looks at different ways to re-create the same story.
    Most games are more like movies than books. They try to tell a specific story are less interested in the audience participating in the re-creation aspect than they are having the player be one of the actors. Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, Halo, etc. generally have a linear story with the player expected to follow a set path. These games are fun and all, but even games like GTA where you can make choices end up with the ending changed based on a few possibilities.
    I would really like to see games that push the storytelling into a co-creation between the developer and player. That's not really something that's possible in other media. Fallout gets close with the ability to build new areas, and Warcraft/Starcraft also get close for the same reason. But those stories tend to either lack depth or be more of what has come before.
    What would a truly co-created video game experience look like? I wonder.
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    Direlda got a reaction from Sahleh in Collaborative Fiction?   
    Why'd you have to start talking about this on a weekend when I was away from my computer!
    Google Docs is useful for collaboration, but in terms of formatting it is horrendous. I always have to use another word processing program to make the document look nice or meet required formatting (such as APA style...).
    Also, I think we have two different ideas going on here:
    Collaborative creative writing where a group of writers either write separate pieces in the same setting (examples of this are the Star Wars Expanded Universe or the Forgotten Realms setting both of which contain many novels by several different authors) or work together on a single piece. Storytelling through group RP where a group of people get together, role play for a bit, and then spruce up the session into something more easily read. Skype is probably the best way for me to communicate as long as there is a scheduled time for me to be logged on. I also find that being able to hear people is beneficial for brainstorming.
    I'm willing to help out, though I do have plenty of projects to work on (I really need to get my one story's first draft done before Friday and work more on the three collaborative stories I'm doing with my wife before Christmas...) so don't expect too much from me. But I have taught creative writing and I have been published, so I am willing to help you all out, even if it is just to get you flying!
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    Direlda got a reaction from Sahleh in *squeaks softly* Heey all   
    Welcome to the forums!
    *Direlda bows in greeting*
    I'm a crazy storytelling kitsune who really should get back to leading a Bible study.
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    Direlda got a reaction from Thomas, Maltuin in *squeaks softly* Heey all   
    Welcome to the forums!
    *Direlda bows in greeting*
    I'm a crazy storytelling kitsune who really should get back to leading a Bible study.
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    Direlda got a reaction from Sahleh in Returning After a LONG Time   
    Welcome back! ^^
    *Direlda bows in re-greeting*
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    Direlda got a reaction from papermodel in Officially open!   
    Woo!  Blessings on your artistic endeavors.
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    Direlda got a reaction from Thomas, Maltuin in Direlda Is Published!   
    I'm published in the Rainfurrest convention anthology!  Yay!  The anthology is called Furtual Horizons and contains 11 short stories plus some accompanying artwork.
    But there were complications... First, Nova's artwork got lost somewhere in the process after I sent it to the anthology submission staff. ã… .ã…   I'm really bummed about that because I was both excited to have her art accompany my story and to have an artist friend get published.  Nova, of course, is also rather bummed.
    Second, there was a bit of a formatting glitch at the end of my story, which resulted in the story that follows mine getting reproduced, without any gap, at the end of my story and labeled as mine in the header (that story is also properly attributed, titled, and presented following the end of "my" story).  So the second to last line on page 112 of the anthology is where my story ends (last word of the line is "restaurant").  This sort of error happens from time to time and it will be fixed if they ever get enough demand to do a reprint.
    The cost of the anthology is $10, plus tax.  I was mistaken about the charity--this year's charity is the Cougar Mountain Zoo, so proceeds from the sale of anthologies will be going to them.
    I haven't had time to read through the anthology in its entirety, so I can't tell you about what they all are about or the age-appropriateness of all of them.  There are at least a few that are definitely PG-13, possibly bordering on R (for language, violence, brief mention of genitals in dialogue, and/or allusions to sex).  But there are also some that are PG.  Also, the publisher the convention went with to publish the anthology, FurPlanet, does publish adult books in addition to books suited for the general public, which might be an issue for some of you.
    If you want a copy you can either PM me tomorrow and I can try to pick one up on Sunday (and then we can arrange repayment) or you can order one off the FurPlanet website.
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    Direlda reacted to JeffCore in Direlda Is Published!   
    Someone I know is getting an order from FurPlanet, so, I'm piggy-backing on their order to get a copy
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    Direlda reacted to Carson Coyote in Direlda Is Getting Published!   
    Yay! ^^
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    Direlda got a reaction from Kail in Direlda Is Getting Published!   
    The 2014 Rainfurrest convention anthology is being released on the 25th of September and I have a short story in it!  Whoo! \^o^/  And NovaWulf did an illustration for my story, which should also be showing up in the anthology!
    My story is called Neural Enrichment.  Here is a blurb-in-progress:
    After saving for months on his hagwon English teacher's salary, John finally had enough to afford a cybernetic implant.  He had hoped that his new Rycorp implant would allow him to fully enjoy all that the Korean Technocracy had to offer.  Instead it turned him into an anthropomorphic fox and now bombards his mind with adverts.  John is desperate to shut the world out of his head and is willing to seize any opportunity to do so even if it risks what humanity he has left.
    I don't know the cost of the anthology, but I do know that all proceeds will be going towards The Clouded Leopard Project.  I also don't know the content of the other stories, but I do know that the anthology I'm in has a content rating of G to PG-13.  Come the evening of September 25 I will be able to give you more information.
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    Direlda got a reaction from Kail in Songs currently on your mind   
    When I was in Japan last July, I went in a CD store in Shibuya (at the famous crossing near Shibuya Station, in fact) and the CD with this track was featured on a wall.  Dear reader, I bought it.  I'm rather predictable, ね?
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    Direlda reacted to She-King in Tusken the werewolf WIP   
    They have tutorials and such on how to make one of these, which is how I made my first one. This is my 5th head, but my third fullsuit I've made. If you'd like some websites with turtorials, I can go fetch a few Livejournal's Fursuit community is a great place to go for getting tutorials, asking questions and getting help, even from the professional builders.
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    Direlda reacted to Jude in Christian Furs Games   
    I tried to organize one before.  There's a lot of initial excitement, but no one wants to put any effort into it after it becomes apparent that it's going to take work.
    We can try again though.  I have stories, I'm a writer, and have lots of ideas.  And barring that, I can organize.
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    Direlda got a reaction from NovaCaine in ~*Nova's Artwork*~ Open for commissions   
    Nova!!! *Direlda hugs*
    I'm back in the States, so now I may have the time to think on what I might want to commission from you.  I'll get back to you in a few days after I've made a quick trip to drop off some books for a friend in another state and have had time to think more on what I would like.
    P.S.  August is almost here, which should be a good month for you, right?
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    Direlda got a reaction from poleposition16 in Saturday, September 1st   
    Dear Lord,
    Forgive the hatred which divides nation from nation, race from race, class from class. Forgive the covetous desires of people and nations to posses what is not their own. Forgive the greed which exploits the labors of men and women and lays waste the earth. Forgive our envy of the welfare and happiness of others. Forgive our indifference to the plight of the homeless and the refugee. Forgive the lust which dishonors the bodies of men, women, and children. Forgive the pride which leads us to trust in ourselves and not in you.
    In Jesus' name,
    (Adapted from Coventry Cathedral's Litany of Reconciliation)
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    Direlda got a reaction from papermodel in Bible Study Still Happening While I'm Vacationing   
    So I'm going on vacation starting "tomorrow" and will be gone for a few weeks.  But luckily for you, Jude and Wolfin agreed to do a joint series on the crowns in the Bible at the same Bible study time during my absence! ^^
    So while you won't be getting Jeremiah for the next few weeks, there will still be a Bible study.  You should hop on Skype at the right time and join in.  I'd join if I could, as it sounds rather interesting.
    But right now I need to finish packing the last few things so that I can get a few hours of sleep.  And I'll be on a plane as they start off this interim series.
    Blessings and peace!
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    Direlda got a reaction from poleposition16 in Direlda Requests Bible Study Feedback   
    You can listen to the video and then provide feedback. Many thanks! ^^

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    Direlda got a reaction from Kisaneko in Christian Furs Convention   
    Well considering there were only 65 attendees at the test run of ConFurence (the first furry con), I don't think the small numbers of Christian furs should be a detriment. Granted, to make a con worth it, the numbers should be at least in the double digits. The real issue, I think, is getting said Christian furs gathered together. Time, transportation, money - these are all things that make it hard for us to get together.
    So what is needed includes:
    1. As central a location as possible to help with transportation time/cost
    2. As inexpensive a place to stay as possible to help with overall cost
    3. A relatively low registration cost (enough to pay for what needs to be paid for, but not geared toward making a profit)
    4. A weekend time so that people who work/have school can attend
    5. At least a couple months advance notice, so people can fit it in with their plans and possibly get better deals on transportation (for instance, if you buy 20 days or more in advance, you can get some pretty cheap greyhound tickets - I'm thinking of doing that if I go to AC)
    6. Whatever has slipped my mind
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    Direlda got a reaction from mutterwulf in What was the most recent game you played?   
    Well, it depends on the Dungeon Master (DM; also known as Game Master, GM). If you have a good one, then it's an awesome game. In the campaign with my roommates, we are causing more chaos than the denizens of the plane of chaos... and most of it is accidental. In a different campaign I'm in the elemental plane of candy. Most of the D&D campaigns I've played in (or run) have been rather random interactive storytelling sessions (like the time we created a very miniature solar system in a mountain pass... or the pitchforks that fly out of nowhere and hit me whenever I growl in one campaign... or Johntown, where the mayor's chair is a large toilet and most of the shops only sell toilets... or the time one of my party members recreated all of Michelangelo's paintings perfectly by just drawing in the dirt... or the time I gave Occam's razor as loot...). So for me, I have enjoyed it - it's another way for me to tell stories. ^^ But since the game relies more on the people playing than on the materials provided, it won't be great for everyone (plus buying all the books gets rather expensive real fast - we have a collective bookshelf of 3.5 and 4.0 edition books). I hope that answers your question satisfactorily. If not - I can say more... ^^;
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    Direlda reacted to Kail in Hello   
    はじめまして、ユネさん :3 ChristianFursへようこそ!

    Err, I mean... Nice to meet you, Yune! Welcome to ChristianFurs xD
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