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  1. Carter CatFox

    Dust: An Elysian Tail

    I just bought this game on Steam and I am loving it!
  2. Carter CatFox

    An agents return.

    Hello CF Friends! I haven't been active on this site very much, but something has been telling me to come back. Not the new layout (which is wicked cool!), but just a feeling. So I guess I'm just saying "Hi" again and I'm ready to get back into good old CF See ya around!
  3. Carter CatFox

    I'm new!

    Welcome to Christian furs! *hugs* hope you like it here! We always love new members ^.^
  4. Carter CatFox

    An agents return.

    Thank you everybody :3!
  5. Carter CatFox

    I'm new here :D

    Hey! Cool! Another young fur ! Welcome to Christian furs Star! * hugs* I'm 14, so if you wanna talk to another teen, I'm here ^.^
  6. Carter CatFox

    LuckyFox Art

    Coooooool ! Keep it up bro ^.^ you're pretty talented !
  7. Carter CatFox

    Old, Back Again.

    Hey hey hey! I remember you! Welcome back bro! *hugs* Shoot me a pm, we can chat :3
  8. Carter CatFox

    Not a secret anymore....

    Cool suit dude I wanna hug yoooou!! X3
  9. Carter CatFox

    black mesa source is out!

    Just got it! It's totally rad dudes :cool:
  10. Carter CatFox

    First time here

    Welcome to Christian Furs brotha *bro paw*!
  11. Carter CatFox

    Up your alley

    I've seen these! They even have brain controlled ears . I'd buy en in a heartbeat >.>
  12. Carter CatFox

    Greetings CF!

    What's up brothaaa? *bro paw* welcome to Christian Furs!
  13. Carter CatFox


    Welcome to Christian furs brotha! *bro paw/chicken claw/chicken wing.. Fist thing.. Basically a bro fist >.>* If you don't mind me asking, how'd you come up with your fursona animal?
  14. Carter CatFox

    Hello from Charles Rabbit

    Yay! *hugs* another catholic musician :3! I is one too, I play guitar and sing So it's awesome to meet ya dude, I'll c ya around! *bro paw*
  15. Carter CatFox

    new tunage

    Lol x3 truly very fascinating xD
  16. Carter CatFox

    Thoughts on Halo 4

    Oooh yes of course I'm getting Halo 4! In fact, I'm getting the $100 limited edition Why am I do confident Halo 4 will be amazing? I dunno. I'm a huge Halo junkie all together and I live what 343 does. It's going to be different, yes, but that doesn't matter all to much :3 I love every bit of Halo there is ^.^ Halo has totally brought me and my friend's memories. I would play Halo 1 for the PC constantly (and became a beast player at that). Then I got my Xbox and played Halo 3, which me and my friends fell in love with, screwing around in forge, multiplayer for hours, and making campaign missions ridiculous and insane. Then I bought Halo 2, hut sadly, I got it after the multiplayer was shut off. I loved that one, too. Very interesting story and just darn fun to play. Next, Halo 3 ODST came out. I LOVED ODST. It was so different yet completely Halo... Me and my friends spend countless wild hours screaming, laughing, and getting all the Vidmaster Achievements for ODST and Halo 3, then proudly displaying our Recon Armor ^.^ Lastly, Halo Reach. I never bought Halo Wars, but the graphics in that game BLEW ME AWAY. Reach was and is very enjoyable. Again, me and my friend's just goofed around endlessly, just having a good time I even named and based my fursona after Carter from Reach. I dunno about you, but I will always be a Haloite, no matter what comes. Halo 4 will bring something new to the table, as all the others have.
  17. Carter CatFox


    Lol x3 now I gotta look up those verses . This has my meow of approval!
  18. Carter CatFox

    black mesa source is out!

    Maybe I should set up steam and play this thang this looks amazing
  19. Carter CatFox

    Hello from Knoxville, TN

    Welcome to Christian Fur's brotha! *bro paw* I rally like skillet : ) I can't wait for their new album this year xD Oh, and your name, Tikaani, does that have a meaning?
  20. Carter CatFox

    New here

    Welcome to the forums brotha! *bro paw* I is a Roman Catholic, but still Catholic :3 see ya around ^.^
  21. Carter CatFox

    Art stuff thread!

    Dude, that's really cool! It reminds me of Nyeti x3
  22. Carter CatFox


    Welcome to Christian furs brotha! *bro paw* ^.^ You are my new best friend leopard >.>
  23. Carter CatFox

    Introducing myself

    Welcome to Christian Furs! *bro paw*
  24. Carter CatFox

    My Introduction

    Welcome to Christian furs! *bro paw* welcome to the club!
  25. Carter CatFox

    Songs currently on your mind