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    Deadmau5 is in AZ

    Deadmau5 is in Arizona right now in tell 9/1/11. Some friends and furries alike want me to go. I said no. I'm just not into getting drunk and do something dumb. On top of that they are douche bags to. http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?266664 http://www.allgoodseats.com/Deadmau5-Phoenix-Convention-Center-Tickets-Phoenix-AZ-Arizona.html THESE VIDEOS ARE FROM OTHER PEOPLE, NOT ME! This is a video of him in Scottsdale, Arizona. I don't like this type of people to begin with. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oiTkVTGxxmQ
  2. Diamond

    Deadmau5 is in AZ

    Trust me it's not, there are a lot of douche bags that go to those places. All they ever do is get drunk and try to get laid by someone, it's not a good place to be as a Christian. That is why my church does a once a year party with strobe lights and everything at someone's house. They do it because at lest your not hanging out and doing the same thing they are and your'e having fun with it. This is where I learn to glow stick!
  3. Some times I get on to look at posts or post myself, and I see no one looking at anything. When I talk on the PM to anyone it's all laggy and I can't see there PM's they give me. Then they go offline and I send another PM and there back online saying they where not offline at all. I had youtube opened and it seemed to be doing this, because when I don't go on youtube it does not happen. Anyone know what's happening?
  4. Diamond

    I have no idea what's going on!

    Cox, it's 54 Mbps. It just happens to CF not any other site that I'm on.
  5. Diamond

    Someone help me!

    My PS3 is not reading any disks at all. This video had been made by someone else but it is the same thing happening. My PS3 is the same make and model. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5X_c8OM7M4
  6. This is how the simple Hard Drive works in your computer. How can one imagine this?
  7. Thanks Flechmen for giving me this guys youtube videos! This guy knows what he is doing a lot. I wish I had know this guy before I did my soldering.
  8. Diamond

    The Lives of Happiness Chapter 5

    Wow, I want to see the next one now!
  9. Diamond

    My old story Part 4

  10. Diamond

    My old story Part 3

    I would say! Keep it up.
  11. Diamond

    My old story Part 2

    Wow I love it! A lot of detail in it. It's new, and fun to read.
  12. Diamond

    My old story

    The first chapter is a good intro to story, and so far i like it a lot! =3 I'm into the spiritual to!
  13. Diamond

    Someone help me!

    Sony wants us to pay $99 just to take a look at it. And I never known you can backup your PS3. So I'm kind of at a dead end.
  14. Diamond

    Someone help me!

    Well I found out it's not the PSP, my friend linked his up without us knowing. I also reset the system and it is still going on.
  15. Diamond

    Someone help me!

    Yeah my family is thinking about that. But I think it has to do with the software of the PS3. It always happens when you do a software update. My PS3 is telling me that a PSP is linked to it and is in use (using the PS3). How do I stop this, if it's a hacker. I don't have a PSP at all.
  16. Diamond

    Someone help me!

    The disks are clean and in good shape. You just put it in and all what happens in the video happens to me.
  17. Diamond


    I finally found someone almost like me! I know is a late post but I'm in to the same things! I want to speak Japanese so bad! Your totally PAWSOME!
  18. Diamond

    Guess who has a new EPPPPPP?

    A furry, Arctic Fox!
  19. Diamond

    Guess who has a new EPPPPPP?

    Try using any other hands on instruments, like goldfish. It's still good though. I like techno, but oddly I never liked dubstep. :-/
  20. Diamond

    Hi I'm new.

    Real name: Elijah. Other names: My spiritual name is Soul Diamond About your fursona: My spirit is an Arctic Fox with all white fur with some neon blue stripes. My right eye sees spiritual, my left eye sees pure light (all types of energy). My eyes do see all the stuff yours can see to. Age: 18 years Gender: Male Location: Mesa, AZ Email: I do not give it out like candy. It has a purpose. IM: I don't have one. Web site(s): I don't own one. Artist/Writer: I an not much of an artist, let alone a writer. I'm an engineer. Think of me like Tails the fox form sonic. Style: Spiritual Future. Been to any cons: No. Would like to, though I'm going to be busy in college. Fav. music: I like all types of music, Goldfish, Trivium, Linkin park, KJ-52, God is an astronaut, Rush. This list can go on forever Likes: Technology, Friends and Family, Church, and Civil Air Patrol. Loves: God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Dislikes: How the world says that I can't, Bad food, and people telling me I just lost the game. Most of all is being alone. Church Denomination: I have none. Anything else: I am a Private Pilot (got it at 17 years old in 2010), yes like Tails the fox. If any other christian fur is in Phx, AZ. Feel free to pm me if you want to hangout any Friday, or just visit me at Church. And this is my first time on any Furry Form ever.
  21. Diamond


    Welcome, if you need any info just ask anyone of us here.
  22. Diamond

    Hi I'm new.

    I hate to break the news, but look at the time this thread was posted.
  23. Diamond

    I can't stop playing.

    Wow I can not stop playing Dead Space 2, I can't wait for Dead Space 3! I'm trying to beat it on hard core, and it is harder than halo on legendary. When you beat it on hard core you get a foam finger. Every time you use the foam finger he says pew pew or bang bang, it's so funny. I have always wanted to run around my church with a foam finger going pew pew! Just for fun though. UPDATE: I do not like the death seines in the game at all!