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    yep, thats me, who else would it be?
  1. In my personal opinion (revelations kinda leaves some stuff open to interpretation) Take your worst nightmares and magnify them an infinite number of times, beyond comprehension (just as heaven is beyond comprehension) and you have Hell. (Hell as in the opposite of Heaven), hard to say though
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    Things to look forward too

    hmm' date=' I'm on FA, I shall have to go investigate hmm, my thoughts are that maybe if you made 2+ sections? (the part that you can post threads in, I'm not sure what that's called) and made that tittle the tittle of the section (I think this is the part that's called a section, kinda fuzzy on my terminology here) what you had in mind, those little parts maybe make one for faith and analytical analysis of the bible, one for science (Maybe you want to break that down into different topics? such as Bio, Psych, and physics/chem/earth/space (seems like there should be one word to describe that whole section, I might know one, but it doesn't come to mind), also possibly one for politics (I'm likely to be biased here, but I'm not entirely sure how much politics belongs in a christian forum..., but not my call, I'm just providing ideas), also I like the thoughts on one for miscellaneous stuff that might not fit nicely under the rest (kinda like some of the current section thingys have).
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    A little help here?

    from my veiw point "furry" is a set of interests, just like liking a genre of music, books, or genre of video games, these are all interests, things that amuse/interest us. In no way do we let such interests stand between us and God, if that were to happen I personally would attempt to remedy the problem (I don't say that I would abandon the interest, because 1. its me needing to re-prioritize, 2. I personally think it is almost as possible to change your personality permanently as it is to abandon an interest, even if you abandon it from others perspective, it (the interest/personality_traits) still lurk inside of you. Just my take on things, and welcome to the forums.
  4. hehe, yay for elder scrolls, yay for random (the right (emphasis there) person can use it in any situation to lighten up the mood, its just a matter of how easy it is to do so) welcome to the forums
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    New guy here.

    Hello, in my opinion this is a great community.
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    Songs currently on your mind

    So true, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oYSiBNl0VA
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    heh-heh, simple posts get simple answers
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    Open for requests!

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    Open for requests!

    same situation ive been in this week (hence my mod post thingy)
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    Excellent story

    http://shifti.org/wiki/User:Feathertail/A_Seasonal_Tale I just read that, thought it was great, worthy of notice, and needs to be brought and spread around
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    heres what i had, until blender crashed and managed to delete my save files or whatever http://cid-b629277817a916e4.photos.live.com/self.aspx/3D/uncolored%20head.jpg