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  1. I use Dropbox as my desktop. If its just a PC internet browser game I could probably create a JavaScript thing to make your game easy to program yourself.
  2. I was getting angry, because of programming reasons.. That and my phone internet and signal. Even with a signal booster it sucks.
  3. I've been angry lately. The next time I get angry I probably won't have a laptop though. I'm surprised it even works after what I just done to it like an hour ago.
  4. It sounds like one of those things that will end the internet. If that happens then the world will be in chaos. I know there's probably millions of people with websites for a hobby. That links to whatever.
  5. I haven't played that in awhile but I have that game downloaded.
  6. You could make one if you want. I don't have anything planned for a design.
  7. Okay for this, part of my life, so far I've chosen to call the website Regex Games (regexgames.com). Regex is a programming thing, but Regular (done or happening frequently) Expression (the process of making known one's thoughts or feelings) seems like it would be accurate. At least, if someone gives me all the art and ideas, then yeah. It would be a Regular Expression of Games. I feel kind of surprised regexgames.com was actually available. There's like a million random names I could come up with that I wouldn't expect anyone to have came up with, but will be taken.
  8. Honestly I havent made any plans yet for an artist. I would like anyones help but I dont know what I need yet.
  9. Ember The type of art really doesnt matter. And I'm still thinking about this "new website" and what it might be is just a website with random games I either program or was submitted or something. I dont know. Pixels or not it doesnt matter though. TheCamoWolf I like that wolf and bone. I thought I could have done a bone but it wouldnt have looked that pretty. I need to make plans for this game but that will take awhile. Im always busy with other stuff too right now.
  10. I would like to know what you are capable of. What's mainly important is doing a ton of art. As long as if I stick with computer browser games, it shouldn't be hard programming multiple games for multiple artists.
  11. On 4. A real wolf. But maybe prettier. Or cooler. I just think a wolf character collecting maybe bones and stuff would be nice to play.
  12. I really like that dragon one. The buildings were good too. I could use stuff like that for some city building game. Are you able to draw something like a pixel dog wolf? I don't know if there are many games, or at least good ones, with a pixel wolf dog as the character.
  13. It doesn't matter how I can see the pictures. Can you try making something like my avatar in pixel form? I could be an artist myself, I did make my avatar, but I just dont like doing it on my laptop. And I especially have a problem with being patient when I do stuff with art. Which is why I have a hard time with art.
  14. I will think of something. Can you try pixel buildings? Or non pixel buildings. Or (pixel or not) a bunch of animals for a game like pokemon. Or heck even your own game. I just know how to program it.
  15. I'm not sure what you can do for games. Can you draw something, maybe, that looks kind of like a little side scrolling game?
  16. Do you have any example pictures I can see of your art abilities?
  17. Anyone interested? Rules: 1) Must be artist. 2) Must make so much art. Info: Will be on regexgames.com (website not available for viewing). Games will be for computers only. Games could have quality like Alien Hominid or Castle Crashers. Or Donkey Kong Country. Or Pong. That is, if the artist draws every single sprite. Credit will be given as much as possible. The website will give credit as fair as possible.
  18. Hybrilynx

    Freedom Planet!

    It looks neat. It kind of makes me feel sad for not making a game yet with that kind of quality or anything near it though.
  19. These jokes are not funny, great job people. *not sarcasm*
  20. Hybrilynx

    Borderlands 2

    I never became interested in that game because of the logo of a guy shooting himself.
  21. I use to make, I guess, an alien alphabet. Simply because I love Metroid, and I wanted to use cool looking characters instead of English in a Metroid game. I use to make metroid game ideas.
  22. Why did the chicken cross the road? To uh, so that um.. The chicken.. wanted.. Well, uh.. nvm idk.
  23. Personally, I would have assumed it was spam half way through reading the username.
  24. My Skype is Hybrilynx. And I have absolutely no idea what most of the stuff you are asking for is. You have to ask me one by one in detail and in what language. Or else my brain will hurt..
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