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  1. Real name: Josh Jinright (JJ) Other names: JJ, Jinright, Leo, Sherlock.... (long stories, feel free to ask) About your fursona: I'm still in the works on it, but a white tiger like the Khajiit in oblivion, the rest is undecided. Age:20 Gender:male Location: Auburn, Alabama. Dalton, Georgia. Email: [email protected] IM: Web site(s): i stick with facebook and let stumble do the rest... the ones i find are epic, message for details. Artist/Writer: James Patterson, Ted Dekker, another epic list. feel free to ask. Style: style of...? im straightedge college frat boy with a love of randomness... compare that to something... haha Been to any cons: not yet... soon tho Fav. music: meta,l rock, rap, hard rock, christian, i love a fair amount Likes: ummm random fun, Dislikes: drama Church Denomination: raised southern baptist claim non-denom. Anything else: just ask.
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